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I came just from my collaboration with Roberto -- our executive producer and writer -- and we just tried to create a real person based off this two-dimensional comic book character. We took her characteristics from the comics and how she was kind, forgiving, very loving and the happy girl next door.But we added more to her than just what was on the page.But he just really cares about Betty because she's so lovable and I think he can't help it.But Betty sees this genuine, outsider in him and she can relate because I think Betty feels like an outsider at times too.The CW's “Riverdale” may have focused on the skeletons inside of the Pussycat’s closet on Thursday, but the real shocker of the night involved Jughead, Betty and her sister Polly.Too Fab’s Madison Brodsky talked to Lili Reinhart, who plays the beloved Betty Cooper, about that kissing scene with Cole Sprouse (Jughead) and who she thinks killed Jason Blossom (Trevor Stines).One of the most confirming things is that when an anon told her that everyone who knows Cole personally thinks he’s a great guy she replied by saying that when Amber Heard came out about her abuse no one believed her either.Here she speaks more on how Johnny Depp and Cole Sprouse and their fans use their celebrity status to excuse their abusive behavior.

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That's why they click, to see if they can match our clocks. Shame it should be hovering, it must be so confused. Don't worry for the crow, in mere moments it'll all pass.It’s no secret to anyone who knows me, I really liked Cole Sprouse but I am also a firm believer in calling out your faves on their bullshit.Recently, it has come out that the seemingly woke Sprouse twin is actually as problematic as they come.Si en ce moment la rumeur veut (DÉJÀ) qu'il soit en couple avec Lili Reinhart, aka Betty dans Riverdale, c'est parce qu'il a pris cette fâcheuse habitude de faire tomber ses partenaires sous son charme dévastateur.Avouons-le, vous ne résisteriez probablement pas très longtemps devant son sourire malicieux et ses yeux bleus mystérieux ! Et on vous le prouve avec cette liste de toutes ses anciennes petites copines, dont plusieurs sont carrément famous !

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