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If you can access his Whats App then go into settings and uninstall and reinstall Whats App.While you are reinstalling it will ask if you want to Restore.

Start by chatting them up to look like you know each other, as the conductor approaches your seat just engross yourself into the conversation so much and pretend that you did not notice the conductor signaling you for fare.The conductor will then give up and opt to wait till you wake up and who knows, he may just end up forgetting. Dandia This is for the tom boys, just a matatu and no conductor will ask you for fare.A woman who decided to just hang on a matatu instead of comfortably seating won’t be asked for fare, trust me.“There is quite a marked but even split between those who say their role as a parent is to police their children while they are under their roof and check on everything, and those who adopt a more trusting position, albeit with parameters.” Kelly believes that technology should be part of family life with the sort of set of rules and expectations that you have for table manners or bedtimes. “I wouldn’t demand that my child hands over their phone for me to check, but I would expect to be their Facebook friend, for them to leave laptops downstairs at bedtime and to have ongoing conversations with them about potential dangers,” she says.“I also think it’s my role as a parent to keep up-to-date with any new technology that my children might want to use.” Maintaining communication is crucial.

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